Woman shares ‘seamless’ false lash trick that takes the ‘faff’ out of putting them on

If you’ve ever tried to put on false lashes, you probably know how much of a pain it can be to line them up perfectly on the first try without getting a smudge of glue on your eyelids. But did you know there’s a pretty simple way to make sure that your lashes stick like magnets every single time?

One woman named Eden has shared her hack with people online after she discovered the secret to “seamless” lashes without any of the “faff” is all down to where you put your lash glue. Instead of just putting it on the false lash and hoping for the best, Eden claimed the best way to get your lashes to stick is to put the glue directly on your eyelids, as close to the lash line as you can without putting glue on your lashes themselves.

This will make the false lash naturally stick to where the glue is, meaning you won’t have any issue with misplacement – as the lash will be drawn to the right spot on the first try.

In a video posted to her @edenharvzofficial TikTok account, Eden said: “Putting glue on your lash line – why have I not done this all my life? I’ve never had a lash go on so seamlessly.

“Lashes used to be the bit [of my makeup routine] that I loved but dreaded because they were always such a faff. But my lashes go on now without any issues.

“They literally just slot on seamlessly. There’s no faffing around, there’s none of that s**t. It’s just so handy. If you look at it from the side, there’s no gap. You know sometimes it hangs off at the end? None of that.

“Guys, honestly, if you haven’t done glue on the lash line before, f***ing do it.”

Commenters on the video were blown away by the life hack, with many people asking themselves why they hadn’t thought of it themselves as it seems so obvious.

One person said: “Why have I never thought of this?”

While another added: “I’m going to try this! I always get a flick at the end.”

And a third wrote: “I have done this for so long, it’s such a game changer!”

Someone else asked Eden whether the glue should go on the lash line or on the lashes themselves, and the woman responded: “Try not to get it on lashes I always do but just above.”