High Cholesterol Levels May Increase The Risk Of Heart Attack, Stroke; Know More

High cholesterol levels may lead to an increased risk of many other serious diseases, including heart attack, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Your blood circulation can also get affected due to the high cholesterol which further leads to the risk of a heart attack.

Increased cholesterol can become a serious threat to the body. Patients with high cholesterol need to give more attention to themselves. If you are experiencing symptoms of high cholesterol, you need to know how to control it.

Stroke: Due to the high cholesterol level the risk of stroke increases. The basic reason is that cholesterol affects our brain’s blood circulation, which further leads to brain stroke.

Heart disease: The main risk of high cholesterol is heart-related diseases. Increased cholesterol can lead to serious consequences like a heart attack. If your cholesterol level is very high, it is a dangerous sign and may lead to other cardiovascular diseases. So try to keep in touch with the doctor regularly and keep it in control.

High blood pressure: High blood pressure has become a common disease, also leading to the risk of narrowing of blood vessels, which further results in serious diseases like heart attack and brain stroke.

Diabetes: Due to diabetes, the level of bad cholesterol ie. LDL and triglyceride increase. And it further increases the problems of heart attack and stroke.

Atherosclerosis: High cholesterol also increases the risk of developing a condition called atherosclerosis where the arteries get rigid and hard because they get filled with plaque. Atherosclerosis, also known as the hardening of the arteries, further leads to stroke or heart attack.