Cosmic Homes: Exhibition in Ahmedabad Explores Confluence of Visual Art, Architecture

Our homes are the reflection of our personality. We make design choices to incorporate our distinctive personal tastes into making our homes. To highlight this unique art experience in our personal space, seven artists from Ahmedabad, Surat and Vadodara have come together with an art exhibition in Gujarat. The show is based on the theme of ‘Cosmic Homes’.

The exhibition that began at Amdavad Ni Gufa Art gallery in Ahmedabad, showcases a total of 54 paintings, eight photographs and three sculptures. The show is scheduled to end on September 4.

According to artists Trupti Dave, Kaushik Gajjar, Hemang Dave, Manish Sharma, Abhishek Mandala, Samarth Mistry and Mitul Desai, whose artworks are displayed at Amdavad ni Gufa, the theme of the show is the confluence of two disciplines- visual art and architecture.

Talking further about the theme, the artists explained that both visual art and architecture have influenced and enriched each other since time immortal.

The mutual influence of art and architecture on each other started in the post-renaissance era and continued in the modern era. Artists are still influenced to create art based on houses and buildings, they added.

All artists associated with this show have been independently working on a similar theme of homes, houses and habitats, Ojas Desai, art curator.

“It is a sheer coincidence. There was no pre-planned idea to have some kind of theme-based show. They hardly know each other, In fact, some of them would meet each other for the first time on the pretext of this show,’’ Desai said.

Talking further about the show, Desai said, “home has an emotional connection with humans and this connection can be overt or covert. A home is not a structure of bricks, steel and mortar. It is an emotional ecosystem for people. Because of this reason, painters, sculptors and photographers have been creating or capturing buildings, houses and structures.”

Desai said that it was only because of that “cosmic, surreal power” that the exhibition could be organised and that is why it was named “Cosmic Homes”.

“We are elated, proud and happy that we have brought these wonderful art pieces under one roof in Ahmedabad. A total of 54 paintings, eight photographs and three sculptures are displayed in this art show,’’ he added.