4 Steps to Getting Sound Sleep For Type 2 Diabetes Patients

Aperson is suffering from Diabetes when their blood glucose, also called blood sugar level, is extremely high. According to the Sleep Foundation portal, one of its most common forms is Type 2 Diabetes, which arises due to less insulin. Lack of insulin increases blood sugar levels, a serious medical condition, which can pose obstacles to good sleep. With the passage of time, Type 2 diabetes patients suffer from severe health deterioration due to the lack of good sleep. This article curates all the steps according to the Everyday Health portal which can be taken by Diabetes patients to get good sleep.

How much sleep is enough:

According to National Sleep Foundation guidelines, people require at least seven to nine hours of sleep. It is extremely important for Type 2 Diabetes patients to have sufficient sleep of seven to nine hours.

Don’t consume alcohol before going to bed

Alcohol will not let glucose be released into the bloodstream. It takes about two hours for the human body to fully metabolise the consumed alcohol. The National Sleep Foundation guidelines say that you should stop consuming alcohol at least four hours before bedtime.

Exercise during the day is a must:

Physical activity during the day will help in having better sleep during the night. It is because exercise will escalate your body temperature. Later in the day, it will come back to normal. This difference in temperatures will develop a feeling of laziness. This will eventually help in drifting to sleep.

Strictly avoid stress

Dealing with stress is a part of everyday life for almost everyone. However, Type 2 diabetes patients are often more vulnerable to stress as they find it difficult to deal with their health issues. The stress of everyday problems increases their difficulties.

Chronic stress leads to the aggravation of the nervous system. It leads to an increase in hormones like Adrenaline and Cortisol. This gives rise to feelings of restlessness.